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Riva with the old town
Riva with the old town
The purpose of our site is to introduce Novi Vinodolski, the town on Croatia's Kvarner coast that has wrote history a couple of times. This is the town where the important Croatian and European legal document, known as the Vinodol Codex, was compiled in 1288. In 1878 Croatia's second set of bathing houses on the Adriatic coast were set up here. Fortunately the times when bathing and vacations were the priviledge of the rich are long gone by now - still, the tradition of luxurious vacations is being continued in Novi Vinodolski by the newly opened Novi Spa Hotels & Resort...

San Marino (Lopar) Beach
San Marino (Lopar) Beach
Novi Vinodolski and its immediate vicinity (e. g. Povile) provides guests with quite a choice of various beach types. Besides the two large beaches (Lišanj and Lopar - San Marino) one can throw a throwel next to the harbor on the riva or in the more intimate coves of the Grabrova district. The Adriatic coast was mostly rocky along Novi Vinodolski, on the built-up, man-made beaches the rocks have been transformed and covered with gravel or concrete terraces, though. The coastal ends of valleys, small coves have natural gravel beaches, as well. Novi Vinodolski's main beach, the town beach Lišanj tends to be over-crowded during the season - an option for a more relaxed environment could be the nearby Lopar - San Marino beach or even the smaller beaches around Novi.

Small beach in Grabrova
Small beach in Grabrova
As one would expect in a major resort town, Novi Vinodolski has all the amenities that vacation makers might need. There are more than enough shops, restaurants, bars and such. There are both larger and smaller hotels available for accommodation (Novi Spa Hotels & Resort, Hotel Tamaris, Hotel Adria Beach, Hotel Lišanj), an almost infinite number of private apartments and villas and a fair number of campsites welcome their guests.

Town (Lišanj) Beach in the high season
Town (Lišanj) Beach in the high season
Novi Vinodolski is an excellent starting point for trips. There are several boats in the harbor taking tourists on excursions and fish picknicks, the destination is mainly Krk Island. As for continental trips, the historic valleys of the mainland, Bribir and its environs are the place of origin of the creme of Croatia's historic aristocracy, like the Šubić, Frankopan and Zrinski families. There is no lack of historic monuments in Novi Vindolski itself, either. Although the 18th c. earthquake and a lethal strike of the bura wind destroyed much of the medieval Frankopan Castle, the historic downtown is standing still just like the remains of the ancient Roman fortification (Lopar) and the San Marino Chapel.

To advance with the introduction of Novi Vinodolski, please also take a look at the town in both still pictures and in short videos.
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